Apartments For Rent In Adelaide

Although in recent years, the cost of housing has risen in Australia. It remains relatively inexpensive to rent or buy properties. Compared to other developed regions, and in particular, housing costs in Adelaide compare quite favorably with those in various Australian cities.

For expatriates, various housing options exist in Adelaide, ranging from townhouses and modern apartments. To renovated Victorian or Edwardian properties that are located in the city center. Also in the outer and inner suburbs, detached family homes can also be found.

There are many new residential developments within the inner-city and that are suitable for expatriates. Although most might choose to stay where the properties are more affordable and larger. Homes in the outer suburbs of Australia are single storied, detached properties, having a minimum of three bedrooms as well as a sizable garden.


Apartments Rent Adelaide are usually rented or sold through the services of real estate agents. All of whom must possess a government license.

Registered agents post the details of the available properties that can be rented or sold in Adelaide on national real estates websites. Examples like, and

You can also find some properties available in some of the local, suburban and regional newspapers. The convention used in the domestic real estate website is to list out the prices for the week and not for the month. 3-month stay, you could check in the sections of the real estate website marked short-term rentals & “holiday” rentals.

Sites are specifically directed to the tourist market, which means you may not encounter any issues with booking your apartment from overseas as you may with the domestically focused sites.

When you want to view a property. You will be asked by the agent to pay a deposit of about $50 and provide proof of identity. The $50 is refunded, once you return the keys to the property.