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December 12, 2017
Apartment Cleaning

Whether you move or are about to move from your accommodation Adelaide, you may not have thought about one important factor for both: cleanliness. Cleaning before or immediately after your move may not be your biggest concern, but cleaning your rental space before moving could help ensure the return of a security deposit. Read our tips and checklists below to make sure your Adelaide City Apartments is bright and make Apartment Cleaning easier:


Moving around

Cleaning can be difficult during the moving phase. Depending on when your lease starts and when you physically move into your space you can determine a lot. In case you have some time or a few days between the two dates, do take out time to visit the apartment and have a general cleaning and check through done. Check the appliances, faucets and all the other things that might need extra attention before you start using them. If you notice something that was not a problem during your trip, or if you did not have a tour, be sure to contact the owner or the property manager to make sure it is fixed before your official move.


Before the checklist for moving

  • Aspirate and / or steam clean the carpet
  • Lightly clean surfaces
  • Clean the bathtub and the toilet
  • Open the windows that will allow fresh air to enter into the apartment
  • Check the vents and the air filter
  • Check taps for potential leaks
  • Clean the refrigerator and freezer


Once you have officially moved your things and the dust has settled, you can clean and begin to “nest”. This cleaning will be a bit more detail-oriented, since the space is officially yours and the engines will not be tracking more dirt in your space.

  • After the checklist for the move
  • Dust, clean and disinfect surfaces
  • Empty
  • Mop and / or clean floors without rugs
  • Windex windows and mirrors


Move Out

The move out process can be a little stressful when it comes to Apartment Cleaning no matter if you are moving from 2 Bedroom Apartments Adelaide or 3 Bedroom Apartments Adelaide, it actually depends on how neat you are in general, the cleanup can depend upon the moving too as you would know if you want to recover from the entire security deposit or not. Keep the following checklist in order to make sure that you leave your apartment or house in a good shape to make it easier for the next tenants:


Checklist for moving out

  • Aspirate and / or steam clean the carpet
  • Check for possible carpet stains and eliminate as much as possible
  • Remove all nails, staples and hanging strips from the walls
  • Remove marks from the wall with a magic eraser
  • Remove all food and garbage from the apartment
  • Cancel all services for that specific rental
  • Do a moving inspection with your owner to discuss any damage, or lack of it,


Keep in mind that you probably were not the first person to live in your rental space and probably not the last one, so treat the space as if it were your permanent residence. What are some Apartment Cleaning tips you might have when renting experience? Share in the comments below!


Adelaide City Apartments
Adelaide City Apartments
Apartment living is a common way of life for a good number of city dwellers. Here, you traded backyards, space, and storage for the theater and an inimitable shopping. Obviously, you may just have to make these substitutes if you must live the cosmopolitan life. If you are looking to taste life in Adelaide city apartments, here are certain things you need to know.

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